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Free will is not as simple as it sounds!

OK. Before we explain just how to apply Free Will to your own life, we are briefly going to let you know how it works on the wider scale of things. Having Free Will does sound simple, but by carelessly utilising it there are major implications, not only for you, but for everyone else on the planet too.

As the powerful creative Energy that He is, God could guide you along your pathway in a simple and safe way, but that would achieve very little because you are here to learn, and often the best way is by making mistakes. Free will achieves that. So God creates a framework for your life, and guides you in a looser, freer way, so that you are in charge of your life and not God, although there is a safety net.

Help is There

If you ask for help you’ll receive the guidance and assistance appropriate to what you need. It may not be what you visualised as the perfect route, but that’s because God sees the whole picture and not the small snapshot that you have here and now.

Mistakes Happen

There isn’t just one path you can walk in life, where if you fall off, well bad luck! There are different ways to reach you destination, and if you take a wrong turning in life, there are steps offered to get you back on track, but you do have to be willing to make the changes that allow you to, and then God and His Team will help you.


Yes of course you are! We all are! It’s how willing you are to make the right choices that counts!

Understanding Life’s Formula on Earth

Actually there are two formulae here, and only one is real!

Many people believe that if there is a God, He should be doing more in the world. He should clear up all the bad, and stop cruel things happening. Well, that isn’t how the system works, because life on Earth is based on cause and effect.

If you ignore the sufferings of others, it will continue. If you help them, then God will give you the greatest amount of help to succeed. It’s the same with animals and the planet. Helping others is part of why we are here. Along with everyone else here, you’re supposed to be one of the protectors of the planet.

 As a whole we often get things wrong, and turn our back on important issues. If parts of the community locally or worldwide ignore clear warnings, and don’t make changes when they’re essential, the effect is that something terrible will happen that is so huge that it cannot be ignored. Suddenly we are so shocked that we make the necessary changes. That is good coming from evil and Satan is generally the one helping us to learn our lesson. The sad part is that when that happens people, animals or elements within the world structure of the world suffer.

So work with God’s formula, and take heart, because God expects you to make mistakes, after all, you have free will! He’s mostly interested in how you deal with them!

Making Free Will act for you.

Free Will Applied