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Love Worldwide:
Prayer Group

A non-denominational Prayer Group for all those who believe in the ability of the combined power of prayer to help others, help themselves and to help the Earth.

In March 2017, God needed a prayer group formed with at least 15 members. By July it had almost tripled in numbers as people came together from 7 different countries to form the foundation of Love Worldwide.

The caring within this group is amazing and its essence of Love is given by God.

Prayer is our most powerful tool, and the more we join together in strength, the greater our structure becomes to make the changes needed within our lives, and the World itself.

Join the Prayer Group

There are no fees, rules or conditions to joining:

If you would like to become part of our group, then please email us on

If you wish to put yourself on our people Healing List, we need the following details:  Name and reason for healing (such as an operation, arthritis, ill health etc).

Similarly, for our animal list we need to know the Name of the animal, type of animal and reason for healing prayers.

Who Are You?

Think that you are lost
in the crowd - one of
billions on the planet.

But do you ever think
of yourself as one IN a
billion - someone
special, because that’s
what you are.

There is no-one else
like you in the world, so
why not start believing in yourself and live the life you really deserve?

We ask that you keep us up to date on your / their progress, because it is helpful for us to know and although bad news travels fast, good news helps to empower us to do more.

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God Help Me

Not a cry of despair, but more reasonably, a cry for assistance and guidance in our lives.

 We may think otherwise (because we are basically an arrogant species) that we do not need the help of God to make the most of our lives. Just take a look around and see how well we are doing with that opinion!

Religion was not invented by God. But by mankind for his own purposes (there are around 4,200 religions in the world at the moment - really? Only man would want that many, God certainly can manage with fewer!).

So, if you want some help from God for any reason, then just ask Him! You do not need to go to any church to do so, you do not need a minister or even to open a bible, you just need to be sincere and tell Him your problem and ask Him to give you a solution.

Not too difficult really. Off you go and do it then!

Working with God

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