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Living the Life

What an exciting world we live in, and what a potentially wonderful life opportunity we have!  We are presented with amazing choices that are available to every who is willing to utilise them to fulfil their needs, their goals, and at the same time inspire others to do so as well.

Sound like a perfect dream? Maybe, but that is the life that we are all presented with originally by God when we come to this Earth. It’s what we do with those opportunities that makes us what we are - we are not born good or bad. We are not born as salespeople, or leaders or millionaires, we are born with the power to become what we choose to be as our life develops.  

God made us as protectors of the Earth on which we live, and many really do fulfil that role.  Taking into account the abilities we all possess and the potential of God’s immense power, then you may well ask how we fail to enrich our own lives and the planet as a whole?  Is it a fear of accepting the guidance freely offered from God, a fear of a Deity that is scientifically unproven? A fear of self doubt within ourselves?

Whatever answer you come to, we, as a race of beings need to change, and each one of us needs to be part of that change!

Humankind has developed a lust for adventure, power and profit, with the focus mainly on financial and territorial control, which is not for sharing, and is not God’s idea of real power. Real power is sharing what you have with others who have not.  Having an abundance of certain things and then keeping them for yourself is gluttony and incredibly selfish. This does not just apply to money or goods, but to something like knowledge. Knowledge of how to succeed in life, how to make your life better should be freely available to all, and that means working together. Until that happens we will continue to inflict pain on ourselves, others and deplete the planet of its resources.

And we can change! We can work together, and history has recorded such precedents where this has happened. Following any enormous disasters, natural or man-made, there is always a unified response to help, but once that help has been given and the ‘newness’ of the disaster has receded in our current memory, we regress back to our old selfish ways.

We have to get out of the habit of waiting until we are about to step off a cliff before looking where we are going!

Sadly, current events show exactly where we are as a race of people. The light at the end of the tunnel is that we really do have the ability within us all to work together and initiate positive change for the good. It just takes enough people to want to see the changes activated for a result to come about.

The lesson here is: Don’t wait for someone else to do it first - you do it! Start your own private little movement to be a better person, and in your own small way encourage others to do the same. Allow them to do it their own way and soon you will have enough people around you making small changes for the better that others will notice.  They will notice, without you imposing your own views, and because of that they will volunteer to be included in this trend too.

All you have to do is to give it time. Time is one of the most precious things that we have available to us. It is always new, and is always ready for change. If you waste time in whatever way, you have lost it. You can never get that moment back. It, and the opportunity it may have presented is gone forever. Time forces us to look ahead, because it is always moving, and we have to realise this and do the same. It really is not good saying “I’ll do it tomorrow…” when you have time to do it today! Teach yourself to do things now, not later. Believe me, once you have got into this habit of immediate action, it will become normal and you will be able to achieve so much more personally than you ever imagined.

Just go do it!

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