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Making Free Will Act for You!

God, Free Will and You

How does this Free Will thing affect you?

You need to take responsibility for your own free will. No one else should have control of it, but combined with it God gave you a conscience too, so you have an inner set of rules. You have the power to recognise right from wrong and to act accordingly, but how you apply that power is up to you!

The decisions are yours!

Actually, in reality, it’s not always clear cut. You may have outside pressures that interfere with what you know is right for you.

Peer pressure, and the worry of what others think can affect your judgement. Are you brave enough to go it alone if you see the majority going the other (wrong) way? You may have to juggle your ideas against others. Who’ll win?

Your heart and soul have the answers, and your feelings reflect their choices, but it often takes courage because you cannot see where the path goes, and already you have second thoughts, which come from your ever cautious brain. Skip the brain’s logic and go with your instincts and then God will guide you.

Making Free will act for you.

Thoughts are one thing, acting on them is another.

Your future is in your hands. God isn’t going to live your life for you. It’s that word responsibility again, and when you work with that, you get braver and opportunities open up for you.

Don’t be influenced by the negative friends or family who will tell you that nothing will change. Even by standing still, you’ll go backwards as everyone has moved forwards. So don’t just think about change, do it, and take the positive step forward, then God and His Team will help. Life doesn’t have to stay the same, It’s your move!

Here are some examples;

You are in an abusive relationship - get out of it (your instincts have probably already told you to do so).

You are in a bad, demeaning job - get out of it.

You are going out and getting drunk every night - it’s your choice, but exercise your free will and make the change!

Exercise your Free Will and stop all of the bad things happening to you!

Most of all, ask for help in any decisions you need to make, even the small ones initially until your confidence grows. Just ask God for help. Don’t shoot for the moon in the first instance and try and change everything at once. Baby steps at first work best.

There is no mystique in asking. Just word your request like a conversation…”God I have to change this situation as it is ruining my life and I don’t know how to get out of it. Please give me some help and guidance to see change.”

The trick is not to ask for a specific solution, such as winning the lottery (not going to happen!), getting a highly paid job tomorrow (very unlikely), walking into a beautiful relationship tomorrow (possible, but unlikely as you have to get yourself out from where you are first). If you keep asking, things will start to happen. Little things will change, things that you may hardly notice or just think, “Oh, that’s nice for a change!” and then forget it. But don’t do that, it is the little things that will start the landslide of change.

Just be conscious that this will take time. It has taken you a long time to get used to your current situation, and changes will not happen overnight, but they will happen and you must keep faith with yourself and hold onto the self-belief that you really can make things better - for you!

Look around you for examples of others who have made the changes. Don’t look at the really successful or wealthy (you may well get there eventually, but it will take a while!) but someone in your area, or on local radio who has made changes to their life and are now happier. You will be surprised when you start looking around just now many have changed by exercising their Free Will to get out of there they were previously.

Negatives have no place here! You want change - then believe that you can make it happen, believe that it will happen. You may not be sure right now on how, but keep asking and talking to God, never lose self-belief and it will all be there for you in your future.