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The Prayer Group

“Love Worldwide Prayer Group is a diverse and powerful collection of people who have come together with God and prayer as their common ground.

Here, members pray in their own way, at their own time but with a common goal. This is to help those in need, including animals on our healing list, and also to protect, advance and heal the world and planet Earth itself.

God is known by many Powerful Names and they are all welcome. Members bring their own individual vision and expectation of what God means to life. By doing so, they also accept that others may have different visions, so they bring an open mindedness, and richness to the Love Worldwide family.

If you feel this reflects your needs as a prospective member or to be added to our healing list, please email: or talk to any member you know.”

About the Love Worldwide Prayer Group

One member wrote “…I really love this Prayer Group and am finding it a great focus as I am not someone who has regularly prayed with others ever, and I see it as additional to any personal guidance I might request from guides, guardians, spirit family or otherwise.”

Here is a personal note from Frances Munro, the instigator of the Prayer Group - with God’s help!

“It is a fact that within the group, individual people matter too. Look at our composition. We are all different but at times we all need healing help. Yet we work together as a group. Both we, and the group as a whole need help and guidance.

There is another important issue here too, and that is that there are some people within the group who are not healers or mediums with guides, and they have brought their trust into our group on the understanding that together we can all work through God and prayer without all the added help that some others have. Their part is just as important, and their strength and caring is just as strong.

I love the diversity of this group and will strive to preserve that. We all work together on one mission, to do God’s work and help the planet and all that live on it, but we do it in our own way and in our own time.. God’s happy with that, so shouldn’t we be?

The task of the Prayer Group is not just to pray in the broader sense. It is a truism of life that members of our family will fall ill, our friends too, and even our much loved pets, and as a group we will pray to God for help in these situations. Healing is also offered to those suffering, and is given by those members who are qualified to send healing.

Prayers and healing are freely given.

If, as a reader of this page you are interested in joining the Prayer Group (there is no barrier of religion or belief, only a belief in a God) then please contact Frances. There are no fees, forms to fill in or ‘hoops to jump through’. All you need is a will to help others in some small way through prayer. You will receive regular emails updating you on those who need additional help in life through the power of group prayers.You take action in your own way and in your own time. What could be better!