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Free Will - Free Choice

Most people that we meet will immediately say that they have either very little choice or free will in what they do or where they go, or even how they live their lives! They really believe that someone (or something) else has mapped out their life for them from the day they were born, and that’s it!

Oh man, this is so far from the truth and reality!

Of course there are conventions that we have to go along with, as we are part of a society and that will only operate if there are some common rules of behavioural guidance. But beyond that, you really do have free will.

Free will to live your own life. Free will to be you. Doesn’t that sound exciting, even a little scary!

Free Choice

The first thing you will hear is a barrow load of objections “I can’t do this because…” Think of almost any reason and you may find yourself saying “Yes, exactly, that applies to me too!”

NO it doesn’t! It only applies to you because you let it!

When we came to live on this planet, God gave us all free will. Every single person who is living on this planet came here with nothing, other than their soul. Every person who is living on this planet will leave with nothing, other than their soul. What you do between these two points is really up to you! Honestly!

No matter at what level you are currently living your life, you can make it better. You can make it better for you!

Nothing that you read or that we tell you will cost you money (which is important if your life is at such a level that you don’t have much to spare), but you will need to take on board and understand what we are saying, and then apply it to yourself. There is no magic wand here, just some work and a belief that if you apply the information then you will end up in a better place!

Just follow the link and try and give it a genuine shot. It is after all in your life’s interest!

Free Will Applied

Who Are You?

The dictionary definition of a crowd is a “large group of people gathered in one place.”

That makes you just one of many among a billion others. Does that make you feel insignificant - because you’re not?

If the world were a jigsaw, you’d be one of the pieces. Have you ever seen a jigsaw with one piece missing? It sticks out like a sore thumb! No, you’re definitely valuable.

You’re also unique! Just like a jigsaw, you can try any of those other pieces, but only you will fit into that special place! Never undervalue you importance here in the world.