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Working With God

Ass we mentioned on the Home Page, living with God is not the same as living with religion.

Many mainstream religions have grown from the basis of God, but as they develop they can often reflect mankind’s attempt at guidance, rather than God’s. Politics, culture, and the need for personal power may influence decisions, together with biases that erect barriers. God is free of them, but religion isn’t.

Sensitive issues like gay relationships carry mankind’s bias, and that doesn’t always reflect those of God. It reflects decisions made by parts of religion. God blesses love as being the important constituent in any relationship, and society’s acceptance of gay relationships is one of those lessons.

Religion provides a comfort, and sometimes a tradition to some people, but your place of worship may be in your own home. It really doesn’t matter. You have a direct line to God. Use it. But if you want to attend local religious services, do so.

Your soul is in every cell of your body and you have a direct link through your soul to God. No wonder that it’s your feelings that guide you best. Without you being aware of it, your are provided with many tools in your spiritual toolbox, and we want to introduce you to them to that you can act independently, as God intended.

Right now some people will feel comfortable with this, whilst others are perhaps less so and many take a little longer to get used to the facts on offer, and for the need for change. But this isn’t a race, competition or even a one-sided lecture about God to which you are expected to politely listen…and then ignore!

The knowledge given will give you a sound base from which to act.  The knowledge that we share is freely given, but you have to be aware of one thing, which we are sure you will of heard before. If you do nothing with this information other than store away in your mind, then you have to also accept that nothing in your life will change. Nothing will happen. There will be no retribution from God, but your life will remain exactly where it is now.

And that is not good.

Changing your life means that you have to, at some point, step outside your comfort zone, even just a little. Do you remember your first day at school, or your first job, and how scary that was. That was outside your comfort zone because you were unsure just what was going to happen. Well, this is a little bit like that.

God is not scary, but we are a little in awe about talking to Him ourselves, as the church over many aeons has surrounded Him in mystery and led us to believe we can only talk to him in a church with the help of a minister.  You want to talk to God…then just go ahead and do so. Just like that!

 God it there to help us all, all we have to do is ask! Many will come back now and say “…well, why doesn’t He help us anyway if we only have ask? He can see we are in difficulties, and yet does nothing!” The answer is that we have free will and God cannot interfere with your choices, only guide you.

Don’t know how to ask? It’s just like this, as an example; “I have a task and I can do this…but I might just need a little help along the way. So God, I’m just about to embark on this task, this new route, and some help here would be really appreciated. Thank you.”

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