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It's all about....but much more than that...

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

This site is mainly about God and how He affects my life. But my life isn't just about God (not about religion, please note), and there is so much more to get on with and enjoy.

I live in south east Spain where the sun shines for over 320 days a year (it's 17th October and its approaching 32 deg C), and while the challenges may be different to others, they are still there.

There are various fruits to be taken in and made into jams, pickles and chutnies, olives to be picked, from which we get our own olive oil, and vegetables to be harvested. Vege's are restricted to things that will either grow very early, or after summer, as few can stand the sustained heat of 40 plus degrees in full summer. But they are nice.

We have two rescue dogs to keep us company, who really enjoy their lives now.

The posts that will follow will cover a whole variety of subjects, some (or even many) of which you may find interesting enough to make a comment on. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for reading.

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