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I have been involved with God and Spirit since early 2000.  During this time I have become a qualified Spiritual Healer, a professional Regression and Release Practitioner (without using hypnosis), and have run a great number of courses teaching people how to better their own lives. I have taught in the USA, Norway, Sweden and the UK, and my work has taken me to Germany, Croatia and Serbia.

I now live in Southern Spain, where I carry on with my work.

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My Bio and why I'm here!

I learned I was a messenger in 2002 in a regression with a transformational coach and metaphysician, Vernon Frost.  I was total relaxation, but not under hypnosis and was fully conscious of my surroundings, and the other people there
He had been asking me a series of questions relative to my life up to that point, and then he came to the crux…

Vernon: “What are you?"
My soul spoke and my lips answered: “A messenger”
Vernon: “A messenger for what?”
My soul: “A messenger for God”

I was surprised to hear the words from my own mouth, and so was my husband, Mike who recorded the conversation paper, but bit by bit I realised the truth of it. 
I had chosen the challenge!
My work now is building on a base given to me by God, aware though I am of the mistaken paths I have travelled in the past, I realise they have been an important part of my learning.
When I was young, my mother told me it was easier to start off with very little and learn to cope until more came into your life and you can relax more. She was talking about money, but I can also apply that to my life with God. I’m not sure that relaxing is a large part of the picture. God has a way of keeping you busy!
I never doubted God’s existence, but started by believing that God barely knew me, because He (to me, a Fatherly energy) was always too busy on other more important stuff. Little did I realise!
My early life was mind led.
When in 1996 my heart and soul took the reins, I began the most important of my ‘working career’. My journey with God had really started.
God said to me that I needed to help the world, to which I replied (with incredulity) “How do I do that?”
He said “Start by sponsoring a child in a deprived area of the world and see where it leads from there.” So with my husband Mike, we did. We sponsored a child in Ethiopia.
This led to greater things and we eventually ended up sponsoring 11 children in many different countries. We also started our own registered charity called ‘Give Youth A Hand’ where we helped children and their families not only in the UK, but in Eastern Europe as well. We took aid out to Croatia and Serbia just after the Balkans war in 1999, taking as many as 30 vehicles on one occasion, as well as professional medical equipment. We did this for 10 years, when God asked us to move on to other challenges.
My work now is to enhance the lives of others so that they realise their power. That fulfils my life too.
I am now based in Spain and the adventure continues. Watch out for the next episode and let’s travel it together.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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