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Understanding Life

There are a lot of misunderstandings in life. Many are small and insignificant, but we must take steps to heal those that can tear us apart if not dealt with.

A non-belief in God is a misunderstanding that can not only threaten your life’s development plan, but also the future of mankind and the health of the Planet.

Why is this so?

  • God has been misrepresented to you.

  • God’s role has not been explained to you properly.

  • Other people have delivered to you an inaccurate portrayal of God.

  • The very fact that God is an integral part of your daily life is probably unknown to you.

In truth, God is an incredibly powerful Spirit Energy that is essential to every life here on Earth, and also the very health and existence of the Planet. Misunderstanding in this case is not an option!

God’s Universal Energy exists so don’t make the costly mistake of thinking that it doesn’t, because you have to believe if you want to achieve!

Working with God

Working and living with God is not the same as living with religion!

Many mainstream religions have initially grown believing in the basis of God, but as they have developed they often reflect mankind’s attempt at guidance, rather than God’s. Politics, culture and the need for personal power influences decisions, married to biases that make barriers and take away the basic simplicity of God’s teaching.

Many religions oppose sensitive issues like Gay relationships, women in the church as leaders, and so on; but God blesses love for others as being one the the main constituents of any relationship, and necessary for people to live together, not only as partners, but as neighbours.

Religion can provide a comfort to some people, but your place of worship may well be in your own home. It really doesn’t matter, you have a direct line to God, so use it! But if you want to attend local religious services, do so.

Your soul is in every cell of your body and your soul is your direct link to God. No wonder that it is your feelings (instinct) that guides you best when faced with issues you don’t know how to solve.

Without you being aware of it, you are provided with many tools in your spiritual toolbox, and we want to introduce you to them so that you can act independently, as God intended.

Right now some people will feel unsettled, whilst other will be comfortable. Those unsettled are being given an opportunity to change their life for the better (the comfortable ones are already partly there!), Knowledge will be freely given to you, but don’t just politely listen…and then ignore!

Do nothing, then I’m sorry,  nothing will change for you or your life.

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