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Life's Jigsaw

You have already been told that you have this immense power within you!  And it's TRUE!


What you may be struggling with, is where is the button to switch it on so that you can rule the world! Well, the button is there and it is not too difficult to find to be able to turn it on. However, if you are looking to rule the world then you are reading the wrong message! You may well be able to significantly help the world, and the people and animals that live on it, but you will achieve this by being respected, not feared or authoritarian!

People will do a task through fear, but they will not do it well! If someone else has the same task to do, and does it with love and enthusiasm the result will be totally different. The difference in the two will shine out like a beacon!
So, you have to get yourself into this place. You have to believe in yourself as a person, no matter how humble you may feel right now. Just be aware that you are a ‘Child of God’ and that you really do have the power within you to move yourself on.

Just a word of caution here! You are about to set out on a task that will improve you as a person. By doing this you will change the way you behave and look at things. So it may not be a good idea to announce in the beginning that you are going to do this! 

Why? The human race loves failure in others. Your friends and others that are close to you, will make encouraging noises to your face, but behind your back they will most likely be saying “He / she hasn’t got it in them to change, they are bound to fail”. And they will look forward to you doing so, because you will then prove them to be right (kind of giving them a little misplaced success).

People are impatient to see immediate results, so if you announce to all around you that you are going to try and be a better person, they will all be looking for you to achieve this by next week! And that is almost certainly not going to happen. The process may have started by that time, but it will take a while and the impatient onlookers will not give you that luxury. 

Just get on with it quietly and let people suddenly notice that you have changed, and start asking the questions “…what’s happened to you?”

Then you can tell them! So now you will have some respect! Respect for yourself and respect from others. This will do wonders for your self-confidence. Confidence that you can improve yourself and that you can move on. You can do things now that you were not able to do previously, even apply for that job you wanted as you have the confidence to do so.

But the one thing that you must not lose sight of, and that is to keep asking for help and guidance from God in understanding your own power and your pathway.  Do it as many times a day as you want, and the more successful you become, the more often you should do this. Put the effort in to better yourself spiritually and all the rewards will follow.

You are training yourself to a confidant and knowledgeable person in the ways of life for your and your soul. Don’t take it lightly. You can be a truly contented soul if you work within yourself; use God and your instincts (gut feeling) to take action as appropriate. When you do it right you will astonish yourself as to the things you really can achieve.
Your life is a personal thing, but if you achieve this state, then everyone and everything around you will benefit.
And isn’t that what you are looking for in your life?


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